Thin client servers

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Thin client servers

Post by eddie » Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:47 am

Looking at different options for thin or semi-thin clients. I know that Redhat has Spice and you can even do the thin client type thing with some of the virtual machine server software. Anyone have a preference? So far I am still leaning towards ltsp. My most recent experience.
As a preliminary to setting thin client servers on the mythtv server, I decided to set up an ltsp server.Have not set up an ltsp server in forever. So I took an old single core 800 mhz amd box to see if it it would work. The box had jaunty ubuntu on it, so of course it had to be upgraded to lucid. Also installed lxde for a smaller desktop footprint. The box already had two nics so it would be easy to separate the live network from the ltsp thin client network. After a ffew gotchas, it was up and running. Sound worked out of the box on the thin (fat aka disless pc) clients.The only negative is that my old thin clients miniscule memory will not work with it. Guess Goodwill may get those, but they still work fine with my old fedora original ltsp server. If I can find some newer thin clients dirt cheap, they are gone.

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