Germany- 10,000 to go to Ubuntu Linux

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Germany- 10,000 to go to Ubuntu Linux

Post by LinuxMint-4 » Sun Apr 24, 2011 2:46 am

Ubuntu Linux boosted by 10,000 seat PC win
German insurance giant LVM embraces open

By John E Dunn | Techworld | Published: 11:36, 22 April 11 ... at-pc-win/

Canonical has taken the wraps off a morale-boosting deal that has seen German insurance giant LVM Versicherungen convert 10,000 PCs to use Ubuntu Linux across the company’s operations.

The project included the conversion of 3,000 desktop and laptop computers in LVM’s Muenster HQ with a further 7,000 in the company’s agencies around Germany. The core software used by the company is LAS, a Java-based claims-processing application of its own design, backed by Lotus Notes, Adobe’s Reader and the OpenOffice suite.

The news isn’t entirely a surprise given that LVM has been using Ubuntu for some time. But converting a company’s entire install base to use the software is still a modest coup.

LVM is also a demanding environment for any OS. The company’s workforce is bolstered by a small army of self-employed and mobile sales representatives that sell insurance at street and living room level. The LAS system is described as being used by the sales team in an ‘always-on’ configuration.

The official release made no mention of the operating system being displaced but Techworld understands these were running older versions of Windows in recent years.

“Many companies are waking up to the realisation that there is an alternative to an endless cycle of licence fees that can amount to millions of dollars. We believe that the investment that LVM have made in converting to Ubuntu by engaging with Canonical will pay off many times,” said Canonical’s VP of business development, Steve George.
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Re: Germany- 10,000 to go to Ubuntu Linux

Post by Claudio » Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:56 am

I saw this and found it interesting given that they recently went back to Windows on another government project. Seems like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. I hope this doesn't end up like that other project, though.
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