I love and hate Linux

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I love and hate Linux

Post by tryl » Thu Jul 28, 2011 10:50 am

I love Linux, because I am free to do anything I want. But i can be a huge pain, so I need to let this out:

My troubles started, because I wanted a newer version of a certain graphics program. I had tried several times to get it to compile, but it required a library a little newer than the version on my Ubuntu, which did not upgrade that library. I upgraded and it was fine...but then I ran into the same problem about 6 monts later: I had to upgrade my entire operating system to get a newer version of a graphics program.

Okay, I ran the Debian editing of Mint 10, great. No more huge upgrades that break everything. It was easy to use, easy to set up and everything. But then they started to be too fancy...I don't know why, but a couple of times every day my computer just froze. Bugger, okay, it's they nuveau driver that's bad, so I install the freedom hating Nvidia driver. No help.

Okay, they I'll try Ubuntu again. Same problem. The computer would just freeze. For some reason, I then damaged something in Grub, because it would not buut, just give a wird error message. Okay, f* them all, I'll go to Fedora. I've hated everything rpm since the last time I tried to install an mp3 player on an early SuSE, and ran into dependency hell.

Fedora, same problem. Damn, then I got the idear to disable everything compositing. It seemd to work! Great, now I could get to work. I set my laptop to use my external monitor and everyting ran fine untill I started the computer the next day. I got to login and it was great, but then both monitors went black. I unplugged the external monitor and the laptop booted fine. When I pluged the external monitor in, Fedora saw it and thought "I want to help, let's turn off both monitors".

So now I'm doing graphics work on a 10" monitor, with a huge graphics monitor besides me.

Hornestly: I'm closer to buying a mac, I'm sick and tired of stuff breaking all the time and it is impossible to upgrade anything. I love Linux, but I've been beaten too much and I just want to get some work done.

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Re: I love and hate Linux

Post by eddie » Thu Jul 28, 2011 3:44 pm

I no longer consider msubuntu as a linux, though I still use it on two or so machines. I have owned Apple Macs. I would not go back for anything. They are nice for a while till Apple decides to change things and you are left out in the dark. Apple != long term support. As a former techie for a living, I can tell you some stories.

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