Network Usage Monitoring & Tracking

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Network Usage Monitoring & Tracking

Post by ashadow » Fri Sep 08, 2006 9:42 pm

Here is the deal, I have about 30 users on my lan, and on occasion it gets slow. Now if I disconnect my lan and plug one machine into the connection I have no issues. So the problem in on my network, going out, and I can not tell who is the offending party and what they are doing. I have a cheep router which is going to be replaced soon with a Cisco router and a home grown firewall of one form or another. What I need is
1) The ability to track what sites my users are connecting to, and preferably what protocol they are using to do it. – Inside out. (Think WebTrends only backwards)
2) Track who is using what – what inside IP is connecting to what outside IP and what protocol they are using.
3) Track who is connecting from the out side in and what services they are using.
4) Track bandwidth on my switches by ports. (I am using stackable Netgear FS700TS switches but can not seem to get SNMP working, I am sure it is me not the switch)

I have a number of services I need to leave open for business, and a number of more that are just good for office morally. I am not interested in blocking “non work related sites” just trying to get some better information to help figure out what is going on on my network.

Any suggestions?

And please, I used to be able to run with the big dogs on networking, but lately I feel like a newbie, so if I could get help that is less “Use SNMPv2 to track bandwidth” and more If you set up a view using the interfaces subtree you can read the traffic on each post, see this how to (http://howto/) However, you will need to run XYZ monitoring(http://xyz/) software on you workstation to capture and log it. You can then use MRTG(http://MRTG/) to graph the data.” Local lug not being very helpful… How about you guys? I know some one works in a school or an office that has this somewhere. What do you use?

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