StepMania Unlock Code Generator 0.5 Pre-release

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StepMania Unlock Code Generator 0.5 Pre-release

Post by Ryochan7 » Sun Jul 15, 2007 3:10 pm

I have finally gotten around to learning Python again. With the little free time that I have had over the past couple of weeks, I have worked on StepMania Unlock Code Generator and now I have released version 0.5. This version is a rewrite of the code and a redesign of the interface. There aren't really any new major features with this version. The only little new features would be group locking and a reset function.

I won't be posting an announcement on the StepMania forums until the 18th so that's why posting it here first makes this a pre-release. ... 0.5.tar.gz

If you would like to see screenshots of the new interface, you can check out the preview post that I made on my blog. The interface has changed slightly since I wrote the post but the basic interface is still the same.
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