Cool X Apps

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Cool X Apps

Post by klaatu » Thu Jun 24, 2010 8:14 am

Hi everyone. There is probably an easier way to get this information, but I was just sitting around thinking about a system that would use lots and lots of "X"-apps. And by "X" apps, I mean those apps that don't depend on big heavy-weight GUI toolkits like GTK or Qt or whatever else.

My problem is, I don't really know of a good central place that lists all the potential x-apps out there. So I figured maybe a forum post on the subject would be a good idea.

Basically I want to construct a compleat application list for really low spec machines such that one could have a robust user environment without ever installing gtk or qt libs. But I'd like to have LOTS of apps for everything one could ever want to do. So, note that this is not a post asking for CLI alternatives to GUI apps; I realize there are lots of ways to get things done without any GUI at all. But just for the fun of it, I'm asking for lightweight non GTK/Qt apps.

So, the ones I know of and/or actually use or have used IRL are:

xpdf - pdf viewer
xnc - midnight commander
xmorph - image morpher
xvile - x! sooo much better than emacs
xemacs - soooo much better than vim
xvkbd - x virtual keyBoard
xterm - x terminal
xvt - x virtual terminal
xzgv - image viewer
image magick - CLI as well as GUI frontended graphics manipulation
xjed - text editor

Add your apps!

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Re: Cool X Apps

Post by eddie » Sun Jun 27, 2010 9:22 am

Anything tcl/tk work?

One nice app to we use to fire air cannons that use a sprinkler valve. (can be adapted for lots of other things).

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