Rant... PATA near impossible to find at stores

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Rant... PATA near impossible to find at stores

Post by LinuxMint-4 » Sun Sep 12, 2010 4:24 am

Rant... PATA near impossible to find at stores

Just a rant of not being able to find much in PATA at the brick and mortar stores. I went to Micro Center looking for a 500 GB or better HD PATA IDE hard drive and a DVD RW drive in IDE...They only had one PATA DVD RW drive and it cost more than a SATA. There were no PATA hard drives bigger than 160 GB...Best Buy's selection was even worse. The salesperson at Best Buy suggested that I check out New Egg or E-Bay.

So if one is trying to save money buy using older computers or refurbishing older computers...just be aware that the days of running down to your local computer store to get components for your older computers are just about over.
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Re: Rant... PATA near impossible to find at stores

Post by eddie » Sun Sep 12, 2010 6:41 pm

Directron.com was selling them for a while.Have hot looked lately. Felt the same way when mfm/rll st506 drives went to ide. There are adapters that support sata on ide. Have not tried one yet, but with the legacy systems I have it will probably be a must unless we go completely to pxe/gpxe.

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