The life of a TLLTS Booth Babe

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The life of a TLLTS Booth Babe

Post by pegwole » Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:33 am

So what's life like as the TLLTS Booth Babe? It involves a lot of hardships, like having airfreshener and scented candles on hand for when Dann has an ass explosion. Selling tshirts is one of the harder parts, it requires interfacing with people you've never met, being charming, and not scaring people. The motivation to do these things is quite simple, Linc has a low powered stun gun that he will break out if I start slacking. He defines slacking as "talking to anyone at a non TLLTS booth with the exception of selling shirts to them" I survive on Joel's cooking, which can have harmful side effects to one's digestive tract, but that's the price I pay to do this job.

I was crowned TLLTS Booth Babe at OLF 2010, I've been a Booth Babe for 2 days now, I have suffered 5 broken bones, (thanks to Allan and his "Multi User Steel Performance Boosting Collapsable Baton") burns, (thanks to Linc's stun gun) a deadened sense of smell (thanks to Dann) and finally, I developed IBS from Joel's cookies.

Yeah, it's a tough job, but I'm damn good at it. I have decided to enter the Sexiest Male Booth Babe 2010 contest thanks to Pat's urging and support, Dave Yates, this entire post is your fault for giving me this title. :)

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