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Android app - podcastcher - Acast

Post by axe » Tue Nov 01, 2011 9:56 pm

I wanted to put a vote in for an app I use absolutely every day, in fact I use it to listen to your shows!

I use Acast - ... rch_result

It is free and paid for.
- automatic update/download of new casts
- wifi awareness and charging awareness (ie it won't download, if configured, unless it is is powered and/or on wifi). I have a huge data plan so I let it download by itself, but the download options are almost endless.
- you can configure at what time to check/download
- it can, though I don't use it, sync with google reader.
- it backs up and restores it's settings for phone migrations

Best of all no desktop apps to fight with, no sync'ing to any cloud.. just let the phone do the work!

BTW, I paid for it, as I couldn't commute to work without it.

Check it out!

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